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Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University, author of Understanding Institutional Diversity "Capital and Collusion is a breathtaking tour de force that adds significantly to the growing literature on the.

Preferential trading arrangements (PTAs) play an increasingly prominent role in the global political economy. Organizations "Votes, Vetoes and the Political Economy of International Trade.

Global fashion brands are failing to fulfil promises to provide workers with living wages, a new report has revealed. On Thursday, academics from the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute.

Ngaire Woods is professor of international political economy and director of the Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford. "The Politics of Global Regulation makes a significant contribution to.

To the global audience, nation-states keen on enticing foreign investors will benefit from Jensen’s insight."–Amit Jain, Enterprise and Society "With this book, Nathan Jensen offers new and exciting.

In this compelling and incisive book, Jerome Roos provides a sweeping investigation of the political economy. the ascendancy of global finance. This important book shows how the profound.

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The MSc in International Political Economy (IPE) offers a multidisciplinary perspective on international economic and power relations, essential to understanding an increasingly globalised world. The.

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More than any other work, The Political Economy of Media demonstrates the incompatibility. but for everyone concerned about the global sway of the commercial media, and keen to put a stop to it at.

While there is considerable literature on the political economy of central banking in OECD countries. increased central bank independence in the 1990s, the book argues that global forces must be at.

A World of Struggle reveals the role of expert knowledge in our political and economic life. strategists to provide a unique insider’s perspective on the complexities of global governance. He.

Toyoo Gyohten, President of Institute for International Monetary Affairs "The Challenge of Global Capitalism is an authoritative review of the major aspects of today’s world political economy by the.

Foster’s book is brilliantly successful elaborating Marxian political economy and the tendency of monopoly-finance-imperialist capitalism toward stagnation. The book deserves a wide (re-)readership.

Market reforms and increased integration with the global economy have. Bill Taylor, China Journal "Contagious Capitalism is a first-rate book that presents an important, new argument about Chinese.

In Producing Security. contemporary global economy, and to put forth bold theories about their security implications."–Geoffrey Jones, International History Review "This is not only one of the.

Exchange rates are also central to the global economy, for they profoundly influence. With an ambitious mix of narrative and statistical investigation, Currency Politics clarifies the political and.

Rebuilding from the economic misfortunes of its recent past, the country retains a formidable economy and its political system is healthier than at any time in its history. Japan Transformed explores.

A work in political economy rather than solely in economics, this book treats the economic transformation of society as one facet of a total social and political evolution. I think there are few works.

Which countries grow faster economically—those with strong beliefs in heaven and hell or those with weak beliefs in them? Does religious participation matter? Why do some countries experience.

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The plagiarised works include three books published in 2014 by Bonfring Publishers based in Coimbatore, two papers also published in 2014 in Global Journal for Multidisciplinary. For instance, “An.

Contrary to today’s growing opinion, Currency Power demonstrates that the dollar will continue to be the leading global currency for some time to come. Benjamin J. Cohen is the Louis G. Lancaster.