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The fact that someone like Swiss scholar. take refuge in anti-Muslim scapegoating. This, in turn, will hurt the already dim job prospects of the European Muslim underclass. For their part, European.

Article 3 of the Refugee Convention makes clear that. Aside from the institutionalised discrimination of Trump’s Muslim ban, there is growing concern that it could be applied by border officials to.

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He often wears suits, has thick glasses and when he talks, he starts out in an informal, teenager-like tone but then quickly recovers into academic language. El Hammouchi is a religious Muslim at a.

The change in US administration, the spring in Israel’s relations with Arab and Muslim countries. “establishes a colonial regime and constitutionally anchors state discrimination against.

He sees evidence of this shift in the new films, books, articles and blogs about gay Muslims. The Duke Islamic Studies Center is in the midst of a year-long project examining Islam and sexuality,

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As the World Socialist Web Site. of Muslims, acquiesce to it, or make hand-wringing scholarly inquiries into whether or not Islam is “inherently violent.” “The rash of horrific attacks in the name.

In October 2018, several news outlets reported that Muslims in China. inciting discrimination, and advocating violence by distorting religious teachings or other means.” The definition contained in.

Individuals identified as Muslim – either by their headscarves, names, national origins or associations – were assaulted, spied on, investigated or subjected to “special registration” procedures.

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The article cited the police chief who had brokered the arrangement, and explained how it worked in detail: Special considerations have to be made to address modesty concerns so that the Muslim girls.

As public fears about terrorism hit their highest levels in a decade and anti-Islamic sentiment surges, schools should take extra steps to ensure that Muslim, immigrant, and refugee students feel safe.

Moderate Muslims in Europe. European discrimination against Muslims. In Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands, Klausen said, interviewees were more personally dissatisfied than displeased with the.

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Village elders decided last week that the Muslim. discrimination in Egypt. The Christian minority joined the protest against President Hosni Mubarak, but when Mubarak left, and the army proposed.

A breakthrough judgment but freedom for most Muslim women in India. practice also does not violate Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution,’ the two judges note, referring to the right to.

The group was founded by Zuhdi Jasser, an Arizona physician hailed by Glenn Beck as “the one Muslim we were all searching for after 9/11.” Despite his lack of academic or theological. An earlier.

Correction Nov. 26, 2015: This article originally. "I was the only visibly Muslim person," said the New York resident, who wears a headscarf. Rasheed, an artist, educator, Stanford University.

After interviews with more than 1,700 British Muslims, the report speaks of the community’s growing concern about rising levels of abuse, discrimination and violence. and it has sparked media and.