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The sci-fi romance follows the life of ancient Greek mythical gods who find themselves in the 21st. Consider reading.

Our journey ended where it began, in Kos Town. Here, the ruins of the ancient agora (marketplace) stand next to the modern-day equivalent, where locals sell thyme honey and powdery loukoumi (the Greek.

Sacrifices and libations to the gods had long been a part of the ancient Olympics, as with other Greek festivals. Georgius Cedrenus cited the now familiar story of the ban, but it came back into.

But the level of devotion ancient. popular New Year’s gifts. Most remarkable for modern archaeologists is the sheer number of mummified cats that have been recovered from burial sites across Egypt,

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Certain similarities to Beethoven’s 1801 ballet “The Creatures of Prometheus,” composed a few years before “Eroica,” have.

A new documentary, “From Cairo to the Cloud: The World of The Cairo Geniza,” traces the amazing story of the Geniza from its discovery by Schechter and other 19th century ancient manuscript. Judeo-.

Women and vengeance proved a popular combination in the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, where powerful women such as Electra, Clytemnestra and Medea brought terrible consequences on those who they.

Archeologists have made another major artistic discovery amid the ruins of ancient Pompeii, finding a well-preserved fresco depicting the Greek mythological figure. was reportedly a popular subject.

From the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, medical writers accepted that. had been startled by rabbits while they.

Following that path, she arrived at a Stoicism subreddit where she found thousands of people discussing the ancient Greek philosophical school. But one of the posters responding to the popular Eidolon.

Ancient wine vessels and modern guitars are. their sound and the way they were utilized are ultimately more important to.

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ATHENS, Greece — A lightning bolt struck the Acropolis in Athens during a rainstorm Wednesday, lightly injuring two visitors and two guards but causing no damage to the country’s most famous ancient.

Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman are just a few of the most notable staples in the pantheon of popular culture. not unlike what the Greek gods did in Ancient Greece; we look up to them, we admire.

When it comes to mythological islands, utopias are especially popular. The Greeks had their. Olives were such a big part.

Folegandros is a small, quiet Greek island that remains virtually unknown to tourists. Only an hour by high-speed boat form the popular island of Santorini. and some must see places include the.

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The last two titles in the franchise have taken players to lushly rendered virtual simulations of ancient Egypt and Greece, but these simulations raise questions for archaeologists. This is the power.

The defense minister, Panos Kammenos, the leader of the Independent Greeks party, argues that any new name should eliminate the word “Macedonia,” a view that reflects popular opinion. the heritage.

Tourism in Dorida is popular with Athenians. of stone topped with red-tiled roofs until we reached the underground Greek catacombs (a replica of the Catacombs of Milos), the ancient Christian.

Rome’s era as a monarchy ended in 509 B.C. with the overthrow of its seventh king, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, whom ancient.