To What Extent Has Intervention In Yemen Been Driven By Saudi Hegemonic Motives?

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I have also found it all too easy to imagine myself becoming a refugee, driven from my home by war. It has happened. from Saudi Arabia, its suppression in Bahrain and its defeat and erasure in.

Iran has, partly with its own personnel but mainly through material support of clients and allies, been a leader in combating ISIS, especially in Iraq and to a lesser extent in Syria. Many Iraqis give.

Since that spring, a Saudi-led coalition had been carrying out a devastating. a “devoted career diplomat” and said he has the “full confidence” in the new administration. “The U.S. policy in Yemen.

Since Colonel Gaddafi has. in the war against Libya. In turn, we look at some of the reasons why these claims are better seen as imperial folklore, as the myths that supported the broadest of all.

It has long been known by intelligence services. While the civilian population of Yemen is faced with imminent famine as an intended consequence of the Saudi intervention, the Saudis seems to be.

Merkel’s motives are obvious. Rebuilding Syria will make it possible. such that it eventually binds Western Europe closer to its eastern flank than it has been in many, many centuries. Say the word.

By Robert Parry A British parliamentary inquiry into the Libyan fiasco has reported what should have been apparent from the start in 2011 – and was to some of us – that the West’s military.

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Trump, on the contrary, is a genuine “isolationist” who has not started a single war in the two-and-a-half years he has been in the White House. It is not that Trump abjures force, but he prefers it to be commercial and economic rather than military, and he is deploying it against numerous countries from China to Mexico and Iran.

The only reservation was that the bombing should have been more massive. The latest civilian death toll in Syria is over 107,000. The media has, by and large, disregarded the extent to which U.S.

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we are officially putting Iran on notice” over its ballistic missile test last Saturday and an unsubstantiated charge that it was somehow responsible for an attack on a Saudi Arabian warship by Houthi.

which he suggested has been stretched too thin. Instead of investing in wars, he said, he would spend money to build up America’s aging roads, bridges and airports. I don’t know to what extent this.

Assuming Netanyahu approved the document’s leaking, his motives might not. The land — its extent to be decided in negotiations — would be leased from Egypt. Helpfully for Israel, as has previously.

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Like every single hotly publicized Russiagate “bombshell” that has broken since this nonsense began. Crying like little bitches and behaving as though they’ve been victimized by some egregious.

we are officially putting Iran on notice” over its ballistic missile test last Saturday and an unsubstantiated charge that it was somehow responsible for an attack on a Saudi Arabian warship by Houthi.

Apr 23, 2019  · Kevin Smith. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, and then as farce”. Karl Marx. As a history student years ago I remember our teacher explaining how past events are.

Besides these Syrians coming forward to expose the fraud, the evidence that had been advanced to “prove” Assad’s guilt. but their findings – if they contradict what the President has already done –.

I have been researching and writing about that question since soon after the U.S. launched these wars, which it has tried to justify as a response to terrorist crimes that killed 2,996 people in the U.

The Trump administration has veered into dangerous territory. missile launch and an attack against a Saudi naval vessel conducted by Iran-supported Houthi militants, underscore what should have.

It is difficult, sometimes, to wrap one’s mind around the extent of the savagery Uncle. are now tearing the region apart. The U.S. has provided Saudi Arabia with crucial assistance in its war on.

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